Horses: A God Given Blessing

           I spent 3 hours riding my wonderful horse that God has blessed me with yesterday. Near the end of our ride I galloped him and let him run with all he had and there was a sense of freedom that came with doing that.

            As with most situations in order to trust someone, you need to get past the initial fear of them hurting you. I can go lay on the ground while my horse stands over me, knowing at any moment he could jump forward and step on me. I also get on my horse and ride him with nothing to control him, in doing this I know that I could lose control over my horse. The reason I can do all that isn’t a matter of training it’s the fact that I have built a relationship with him and it has taken a couple years but I can trust him to do that. With a lot of people it’s the same way with God, you have to build a relationship and seek God out before you can really start to trust that He isn’t going to hurt you.

            You might do something to hurt you but God wont, just like my horse, almost all of our problems come from something I have done, if I fall it is because I didn’t prepare right. I lost communication with him for a brief moment and it caused me to fall.

            The relationship can be scary some times and you don’t know what will happen, with my horse (most of the time) I can trust that he wont put me in a situation I can’t handle. God is going to test you, if you will trust Him you can stay in peace, He won’t test you past your ability.

            Now for the fun part, after I built my trust and relationship with my boy, finally after 5 years I gave him more of my trust while we were riding in this huge field. Horses have the ability to reach 40 mph, in the process they can come to a dead stop when you are least expecting it and can turn on the spot. After he nagged me a bit, he knew I could handle it and he wanted to go, I loosened the reins and gave him the ok, because he wanted to go so badly, he accelerated so fast you could feel and hear each hoof land and you could feel the moment of suspension, it felt like we were flying. There was such a freedom in letting him do something he wanted to do and at the end of it we both felt amazing!

            God does the same thing, He says, “Come on, you are ready, trust me.” Some times we can hold Him back, He is ready to go and is waiting for you to give Him control, it can be scary not knowing where or when God is going to turn or stop but if you stay in communication you won’t fall. When you finally come to a point of trusting God and let Him have control amazing things can happen and there will be a new sense of freedom and confidence.

            Some times in the process of letting go or getting to that point I end up hurting my horse, not physically but emotionally. As weird as it may sound to some people, horses have very strong emotions, I’ve gotten upset with Chester for not doing exactly what I was telling him when I was telling him, in reality you can’t do that. I’m not communicating with him in the way I should because I don’t want to wait or because he’s done it a million times before why aren’t you doing it now? The funny thing is that Chester is so forgiving that when I make those mistakes he seems to act like they never happened. We have a tendency to do that with God where we get upset because he isn’t doing what we want him to do. We make a lot of mistakes that have nothing to do with that even. But each time we make a mistake if we come to God with a humble heart He will forgive us and He remembers what we have done no more.

            My last comparison is this, when I am out laying in the pasture in the midst of nine, one thousand pound animals that could trample me if that’s what they decided was fitting at the time, I am completely defenseless, I have nothing to protect myself. Lucky for me I have a horse who loves me dearly and he keeps all the other horses away from me. He has a 20’ circle around me and if any of the horses push it he chases them off comes back and sniffs me then continues to stand over me. Some people who know horse psychology might say that it is just dominance and he wants everyone to know that you are his, but I argue that with, when a horse comes near me some times he is ok with it but the first time that horse paws at me Chester won’t let a single horse near me after that other than him and my other personal horse. He knows what could cause me to get hurt…

            So here again, first of all God is a jealous God, He wants you to want Him and only Him. But God is our protector, when we are defenseless He is protecting us with all that He has and as much as we’ll allow Him.

There you have it, now I will say this it is not every horse you can do this with I’m using my personal horse Chester for this, there are horses like my other personal horse, she is a mustang, who are just complete nut jobs and shouldn’t be trusted with anything, who will protect you from nothing, and want to see how high she can throw you.. So please don’t read this and go out thinking every horse is like Chester. Even Chester has moments when I know I can’t trust him, when it is windy, he is afraid of everything, even his own tail… I wrote this like I did to maybe help any others that have horses like Chester to come to a better understanding of God.


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