The Boyfriend

Just a forewarning Colin talks a lot of smack but he truly is a great guy.

So, my mom and I were talking to, Colin, a friend of mine this morning, we actually got onto the topic of a guy friend that I have. As soon as I mentioned him Colin asked, “is this a boyfriend?” I stepped back and replied, “No, no no, I love him dearly but we are just really good friends.” Colin started saying that it was a good thing cause he’d have to grab his gun and go have a talk with him. We talked for an hour or more and if we got off topic he would bring it back.

Colin gave me a list of what I should look for in a guy and if my boyfriend wasn’t that then he’d shoot him. Ya know it’s something I’ve known but listening to a guy who cares about you say it the way Colin does it changes things. No, he hasn’t changed my mind about what I should look for, my mom has taught me well, but it still changes things, it’s weird.

But his list was this,

If he’s not a guy that treats you well, I’ll have to have a “talk” with him.

If he touches you and you are uncomfortable, I’ll be on his doorstep with my gun.

If he is abusing you physically, I’ll hunt him down and shoot him.

If he’s abusing you emotionally, your mom and I will go and have a “talk” with him.

If he hurts you in anyway shape or form, “I’ll let your mom rip his head off and then I’ll shoot him.

You don’t need to put up with any crap, he should be a hard working gentleman that sees you as you are and loves you for you. He should treat you like you are his princess and should guard you with his life. He needs to support you emotionally, physically, and financially. If you have a problem with him, I’ll shoot him.

The only thing personally that I would add to that is this, the Bible tells you not to be unequally yoked together, so me being uh.. Non-denominational, I shouldn’t marry an atheist. I should marry someone who believes in the same God and in the whole Bible.

Girls, don’t fall in love with the first boy who looks at you. They may even treat you nice for a few months and you could think they are the best thing that has ever happened to you but you need to take time, and really get to know them. Because they could slowly be turning into a huge jerk and you could totally miss it. Find someone you trust that will help you approve of them because some times the saying “Love is blind” is all to real. I have three people that I am going to get my boyfriend approved by when the time comes, I have Colin, my mom and another friend of mine. It makes me laugh though because Colin wants to approve my friend before my friend approves of my boyfriend..

You don’t need to put up with someone who is ill-mannered even if you think they love you because no matter how much they might say they love you if they are treating you like crap it’s not worth it and they don’t love you all that much.

I’ve been on this earth for 17 years now, and I’ve not had a single boyfriend and I’m ok with that because I haven’t had to go through 50 million boyfriends and I don’t plan on it. I haven’t had to go through the emotional trauma every time a boy dumps me for a prettier girl or anything like that.

So for any of you boys who have made it through this, Treat your girlfriend like she is precious because she is, and when you get married to her make sure you treat her like she is gold. All of this goes for you too, don’t let your girlfriends treat you like crap but be respectful of each other.

Alright, I think that is all I have to say on this subject.


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