Acquire the Fire

Well, I have spent the weekend at Acquire the Fire (ATF) with a few of my closest friends. I gathered together 11 people including 3 Chaperones. We went Friday and Saturday. I’m just gonna give y’all my experience and Testimony.

Here’s some of my notes I’ve got three pages of notes so I’m really norrowing it down:

Clapping during worship = The right hand is heaven and the left hand is earth when you clap you join heaven and earth; the right hand is the Supernatural and the left hand is the natural when you clap you join the supernatural with the natural.

Raising your hands during worship = It’s like holding light sabers, you are creating a beam of light that connects you to God.

The world is designed in a way that self-centered nature cannot prevail, we were created to serve and sacrifice, if we are self-centered it causes us to be miserable.

There’s only ONE way to respond if you really get it. You should respond by loving Him with all your heart, soul, and mind, you should love Him SO much that it looks like you hate the person you LOVE the most. You need to respond with a GLORIOUS surrender, once we submit with a Glorious surrender we can get free of the chains.

Some times we will give God our heart but never give Him our life. It’s like we were bought out of slavery but we want to continue to live in slavery.

Don’t allow yourself to become Ordinary. Because Normal is Not Enough.

Now, Worship:

ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL! They played two songs repeatedly it seems like, “One Thing Remains” and “Higher”

One Thing Remains talks about how His love never fails, it never gives up, and it goes on. Put me into tears to realize how much God loves me….. Again…. It moves me every time I hear it. Time and time again I’m told it doesn’t matter what you do God will Always love you. Though I understand, I don’t understand how He could or why He would want to love someone like me. But He refreshed my memory of how much He loves me and why.

In all of the worship I was more than happy to act like a complete nut job while I worshiped, I mean, the Bible tells you to dance, and make a joyful noise! I jumped all around and I sang, shouted, and clapped my hands till my hands were read and it hurt to clap and even then, I was still going at it! I got comfortable with the Idea of WORSHIPING in front of other people. I mean, my voice is hoarse from singing so loudly, my arms feel like noodles from having them raised so much, and my legs feel like Jello because I jumped every chance I got!

Saturday during worship, God got a hold of me and started asking me questions which I didn’t know how to answer. Really I wasn’t expecting those questions because I thought I was on a roll. That’s when it became very emotional for me, and Chris, one of the chaperones that was there, prayed for me, all in that moment something happened, It’s kind of funny how God works through other people. I don’t even really know how to explain this one but it’s like God used Chris, to usher in God’s presence. God just started speaking to me, “Jessica, I love you, I love you, I’ve wrapped my arms around you and you are loved” One of the few times I can say I KNOW it was God. But God spoke to me the whole time.. all in that moment I felt, secure, safe, loved, and forgiven.

My favorite part about worship was after we had reached out last real worship session a speaker comes out and he says, “I can hear the devil! He’s saying Quit Raising those hands! Quit Shouting! Quit Jumping! Quit Clapping your hands! Quit making all that Noise!” With everyone, More hands were raised, more people were Chanting “JESUS JESUS JESUS, jumping, clapping hands, and then the most phenomenal one, we are standing there and I was just starting to pull myself together, so it caught me by surprise. But I’m standing there and there was this constant thunder, most of y’all know those long rumbles that shake you house, and the ground started shaking violently, then I realized that everyone was beating on the chairs in front of them. After the whole Pavillion was done beating on chairs there was a small hush, and everyone would start chanting and shouting, jumping and clapping. This repeated for what seemed to be about 10 minutes.

The presence of God was Oh so Heavy, there is no way to describe how amazing it was. To FEEL the presence of God, to see THOUSANDS of hands lifted, teens from all over, out of state even, joined together for one purpose, and that is to come closer to the Lord God Almighty! There really are no words to desscribe it.

I think one of the things that made a huge impact on me was I brought a friend, I’ve watched her during worship before and I would pray that she would just start worshiping, because she would just stand there. It was amazing for me to see her spend Friday just standing there, and a few hours before the end of worship on Saturday she was raising her hands, dancing, and jumping, which absolutely astonished me because she has been out of surgery for three weeks due to a torn ACL. I love watching God work in peoples life!

This has been the most amazing event I have ever gone to. This will officially be a new place I will go every year when they come. I encourage EVERYONE to go, whether you want to go just because of a band that will be there or because you Actually want to draw closer to God. Originally I only wanted to go because my favorite band was there, so I signed up way ahead of time. It was an amazing experience!

One Thing Remains:


God Bless,



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