Pilots, flying, and God

When you step on to a plane you put your life into the hands of a few different people.

First there’s the inspection crew, the people who make sure everything is in working order, safe, and ready to go.

Then there’s the Pilot and Co-pilot, who have the responsibility of finding the best routes, landing safely in an emergency, controlling the plane, and so on.

I’m not much for flying, putting my trust into several tons of metal flying 30 some thousand feet into the air…. just not my thing.

The plane hit some rough wind currents that were jolting the plane down. I didn’t know they were currents though until my mom saw the concerned look on my face and said something. I had to force myself to trust that the pilots knew what was going on. They have it under control.

Pretty soon the massive plane emerged out of the wind currents and lifted into all this white puffy stuff. The clouds were beautiful. Working through my new found fear of flying, all of the what if’s and dangers slipped away, I was in awe of God’s beautiful creation. I finally reached my point of trusting that the pilots knew exactly what was going on. The rest of the flight went really well, towards the end we hit a few more wind currents and I would be lying if I said I handled it without a problem, as soon as the doubts crossed my mind I threw them away and relaxed back into my seat.

I guess this is where I catch myself, yes, I prayed over that plane, a LOT. But I was able to trust the pilots. My question is why can’t I trust God as much as I trusted the pilots and inspection crew? If you think about it, God lifts us up, he helps us to soar, when things get rough He helps us land, when things are going ok he keeps us at our cruising altitude and we stay steady, he helps to guide us in the direction that is best, and he lets us know when things are working properly and when they aren’t. Some times, I may miss it but that’s where he helps me land.

So, all this to say, I now have a new view on trusting God. Though I may not know exactly what is going on, I may not always trust what “I” am seeing, but, being that I am not the pilot and I am just a passenger, I’m not going to see or understand everything that is happening. I need to just sit back and trust that God has it all under control.


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