I train horses. It’s what I love to do; it is a new challenge every day and I never know what I’m getting into.

I was desensitizing a little Arabian paint mare we are selling, really sweet, has a very soft nature, and is confident when she isn’t being tried. I took Gracie and was planning to just get on and ride but she was terrified of the saddle blanket; so I had to throw the saddle blanket at her till she calmed down. Then since she was all worked up anyway I decided to put a plastic bag on the end our stick and desensitize her more. To make it short, she jumped around, I was pretty sure my life would be short lived because she was kicking, rearing, striking, jumping straight into the air and some how moving sideways while she kicked all in one jump. It was crazy. Then I switched sides and she just laid down she couldn’t handle it. It was too scarey she had given up and was just waiting for the bag to kill her. I felt horrible putting her through this but I know it will make her a better horse, more confident and trust worthy, and eventually after each session she does become very calm and could care less about the bag.

As I was having this thought pattern one day while working with her and the bag again I realized something. In her mind the bag is out to kill her so in order for her to become calm, confident, trustworthy, and so on, we need to push her limits and allow her to overcome the fear of the bag. I know this all sounds funny and it is about to get better…

God allows us to go through trials, trials that some times we feel are going to be our end. But if we are never tried, never experience.the fire, we will never become calm, trustworthy, or confident. Just the same as Gracie we can handle out trials in three ways, we can pitch a fit and not cooperate, or we can lay down and give up and allow the trial to beat us up and kill us, OR we can just trust that God knows what he is doing and will keep us safe – just as Gracie is learning, I will be here to protect her. – We can overcome the trial much quicker and we will be able to be calm, trustworthy, and confident, and we wont stress as much because when and if it comes around again or you go through another trial you will know how to handle it.