TFL’s, enthusiasm, and what I have learned

ImageSo my TFL is jacked up. The Tensor Fascia Latae is an abductor muscle in the front side of the hip area. It is responsible for bringing your leg in front of you, extending your knee, and bringing your leg out to the side. Because of the chain reaction this muscle it could cause mild paralysis from the lower back down because it is causing my muscles not to work properly therefore causing muscle wasting. It is doing this because the muscle has been stressed and is tightened and injured from being so tight.

I have fought and fought with trying to get the strength back into my leg which has been unsuccessful. After the first several treatments I walked away in a lot more pain but being able to move my leg. Finally after a few more I am sore for the first 24-48 hours but I am almost able to move my leg to it’s full ability again!

Last week it got particularly bad and my knee was buckling a lot and I had lost most of my range of motion. I could bring my leg a little bit in front of me but that was it. Barely enough to get my foot off the ground.

I had another appointment and Mason had started doing work on my lower back and hips. First I was suppose to push against him and he could barely feel me pushing, he kept telling me to push harder and I couldn’t push. Then he wanted me to lay on my left side and extend my right leg up into the air. I got my leg off the table about 3″. Mason told me he wanted my leg higher and naturally my response was, “I can’t.” At that moment his whole approached changed and he grabbed my leg and pulled my leg up “look how good you are doing!” I laughed and passed it off as him being a goober because I had little hope of it getting better. He continued to hold my leg in the air and let me do what I could do and each time he wanted me to raise it he would tell me that we were making improvements and I was a champ for coming such a long way and just being all enthusiastic about the “progress” I was making.

Today I understand what he was doing. No matter what the outcome is, even if it starts to get worse, I must keep pushing on, stay enthusiastic, and keep trying. No matter how long it takes I must continue to get rid of what ever is stopping me. In this case my TFL but in life that is the attitude we should have all the time.

So all that to really say that last paragraph….