Oh the world of Doctor Who. Aliens and people, hero’s and villains, love, hate, hope, desperation, and the list go on. As weird as it sounds, to me at least, I’ve learned a lot.

            We watched several episodes yesterday. Out of the many Doctor Who’s we have watched in the last week the last episode we watched tore me to pieces; it cut deeply into my personal life.

            As briefly as possible so I don’t spoil to much, but the Doctor ends up being held prisoner uncertain of the well being of his friends and knowing the world is being destroyed and people are being innocently murdered. He’s been aged to the point of being completely useless, getting a slap in the face, and on top of all that he is being forced to sit around and watch the chaos.

            After his Companion helps him “come back to life” so to speak, the Doctor goes to the man huddled against the wall, the man that had created the chaos and tormented the Doctor and his friends; he bent down and began hugging this man. He tells the man repeatedly that he forgives him and he wants to help him. In that moment this man has one more thing up his sleeve to continue the destruction but the Doctor stopped him and as the Doctor continues to persuade the man to let him help him the man gets shot. The Doctor rushes over to catch the man as he began to fall to the ground, he starts crying, trying to get the man to cling to what life he does have. With no success the man dies in the Doctors arms and the Doctor is devastated.

            The act of forgiveness is not an easy thing, but it comes so honestly to the Doctor. I’m not really sure that any one person can truly master forgiving someone that has hurt them. I’m not the best with forgiving, and boy can I hold a grudge. But really what is the point? What does it benefit to refuse to forgive someone? We all have “monsters” or “villains” in our lives that create chaos, harm us or our friends. But what does it do for us to continue to hold that grudge against them? What happens if we do forgive them? Do they deserve it or not? And who are we to determine whether or not they deserve it?

          The man the Doctor dealt with did not deserve it at all but he did anyway. The Doctor could remain mad and just have killed the man himself. But he had mercy on him and still continued to try to help him. He doesn’t want to cause pain in anyone; he does what has to be done though. Even when he is angry of frustrated he usually has a very valid reason to feel that way and the moment he can release those feelings he does, just simply lets them go.

           Us forgiving someone has the possibility to set them free, to change them, all because when they were acting ill-mannered one person showed them love, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. In the same note, us, forgiving that person gives us a release to no longer be hurt or angry with that person. We are no longer a victim and they are no longer an enemy.  

           My challenge to you, find someone to forgive. If you can forgive one person and truly forgive them; you can forgive more, change lives, change your life, and help others see the light.

Good Luck