Labels…. Labels, labels, labels….. What is the point? If you think about it, right, you have a food label. Most of the time if there is a food label it means the food has been processed, has preservatives, artificial flavoring, GMO, MSG, which is all stuff that destroys your body. So all in all your food is fake, bad, unhealthy.
What about when you label a relationship. You’ve known someone for a week “Oh they’re my boyfriend/girlfriend.” Or we’re engaged, or we’re married. What good does any of those labels do if you aren’t friends? Yeah, you’re boyfriend/girlfriend and you know nothing about each other. Or you’re engaged/married but you aren’t truly happy with each other. To me there is no better way to tell someone that you are married/engaged/boyfriend/girlfriend other than to tell them that that person is your best friend. There is no real label other than them just being a friend. Someone who cares about you, your past, present, future, your dreams, your problems, is there when you hit the bottom, and is helping you soar.

The Dictionary that I used when I put it friend it sent me to Companion, when I pulled up companion this is what I found.
“a : one that is closely connected with something similar
b : one employed to live with and serve another”

As true friends we are connected, we serve each other not because we have to but because we want to. We take care of each other. I have watched so many relationships fall apart because we needed to label it as a relationship of sorts. Something other than a friendship. They never got to know each other thoroughly therefore getting emotionally involved right off the bat. SO instead of just being friends for a while and deciding to take it further in a year or two after you’ve gotten to know them you are already excited because you have a new little playmate that you call you boyfriend or girlfriend. Then because one of the two or both are emotionally involved but not happy they end up an unhappily married couple. Yes, maybe they will get the honey moon period for a month or two maybe even a year but they will never truly be happy ending with one more divorced marriage.

SOOO…. Conclusion for the day. LEARN TO BE FRIENDS!!!!!!!! Don’t label everything because it isn’t healthy! Ok, I think that is it….