The Prodigal

Alright, I’m pretty sure that at some point in life we all struggle with loving ourselves. Loving our personality and who we are. We begin to pick out our prodigal side;  the foolish side, the one who never does anything right and always screws up. The one who never could fix what was going on and still can’t get a grip on anything now. The one that deep down inside when you take a good look at who you are or what you’ve become, you truly hate what you see. It sickens you…. You begin to wonder if you’ve screwed things up so much that the people around you are upset with you and don’t want you.

I love being out with my equines because no matter what I’ve done or said they love me, they want me. They love me. Not what I do for them, but me. It’s neat. They don’t see my screw ups, they don’t care about what I’ve done wrong or what I’ve said. If they can look past that why can’t we? Even when working with a horse, we can screw a horse up royally but 90% of the time with a little effort they’ll forgive us and turn out just fine. Or with horses that you’ve bonded with they’ll forgive you in a heart beat. They don’t care if you just got upset with them, if you are able to make it up to them they are more than happy to pretend it never happened. They look past it, give you a second, and third, and who knows how many other chances they’ll give you. If an animal can give you a second chance, at least give yourself that much. You deserve it. However we do always say that it doesn’t matter what other people say about you. But when someone says something, do a little self searching especially if it is a repetitive complaint. Then if you see that it is a problem own it and fix it. It’s easier said than done, but you can do it, I can do it, and in the end it will benefit us. Find the person you were created to be, the person who is forgiven, accepted, and perfectly made. He’s in there somewhere, we just have to dig deep and find him. Don’t let your prodigal self define who you are, because that isn’t you. It’s not me and I wont let it be.

God Bless,



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