Watching these guys work yesterday was neat. I got to see a lot more of how they operate together. The first time we hung out at the jobsite I wasn’t allowed on the site and so I couldn’t see much but the majority of what I could see was there were some people who seemed to be standing around while others were working. Well, watching them last Saturday I noticed yes, some have a tendency to stand around but usually because they have a purpose. Contrary to what we may see or think they aren’t just standing there looking pretty. We have one person doing one thing while another does another thing and so on.

Just in welding some stands they have the one doing the welding, the other who is making sure the welder has everything ready to go, the other who is off loading the stands that were being welded, while another prepared the next stand to be welded. While they were welding the pipe it was funny because they’ve got anywhere from 3-6 people standing around the end of the pipe at any given moment. How they all work in such a small space I don’t know but, each person had a purpose. I’m not quite sure what each individual did, but from what I could see it took 2-3 people to put the end of the pipe on, then another to prep the pipe, another to weld it, another to take care of the welder, another to clean the weld, then you’ve got the one operating the forklift, and another getting things picked up. Then you’ve got the supervisor making sure everything is running smoothly and helping where he needs to.
The way they work struck me in two areas. One, when you can’t see God, or it seems that He is sitting up there doing nothing. Keep in mind more than likely He’s got a plan and there will be one thing that will lead to another. He’s doing something over here so that something over there will come through so that in the end everything will come together.  Second, in a family, everyone is or should be doing something. While Dad’s going to work and paying some of the bills, mom’s paying the other bills keeping everything in check, and bringing in a little extra income, while the teenagers do the cleaning and cooking and keeping the minor drama’s from developing into major drama’s, and the little ones are doing school, cleaning up their stuff, helping around the house and so on.
Jason works with his guys in a fashion that just floors me, because they aren’t his workers, they are his guys, they are his buds that he jokes around with and goofs off with while they work. I swear they are Jason’s second family. He’s always bragging on how he takes care of his guys and his guys take care of him. In a family, that’s how it should be. We all work together to create a unit that can operate flawlessly together without conflict, one that everyone knows what to do and how to do it. It’s how things should work. Now, no, they wont always work like that. No matter what it is, whether it’s a job, or a family. But we can always do our best to come up with some sort of unity between everyone.

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