All right, here’s my question. How do you say I love you? Do you say “I love you?” or “Love you?” or do you use both? Now, why do you say it they way you do? I have noticed a lot of people will say, love you, over I love you. Are we really that lackadaisical that we can’t put a simple “I” before love you or does it go deeper? Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with someone just saying love you, I don’t have a problem with it at all. I just think there’s some things that would benefit us to give a little more attention to detail. Anyway what I’m getting at is this. Why don’t we say “I” love you? Me, it’s because that I is my safety net, however wrong I may be, it’s a security thing that makes me feel like I’m protecting myself. I know that if the people I love were to leave it wouldn’t change how I felt toward them. But, if “I” admit to loving them it removes my safety net and actually puts me in a more vulnerable position, which would be why the first time I told my I told my adopted dad that I loved him it took so much out of me I felt weak and knew I was extremely venerable at that moment. However it didn’t change the fact that I have a hard time admitting to myself that I love him therefore typically telling him “love you.”

However, I think my mom is the only one that I am 100% comfortable telling her that “I” love her. Not that I always phrase it that way but I definitely feel much more comfortable telling her that I love her over love you.

Then there’s this idea, for those who are looking for their boyfriends or girlfriends. Pay attention to how they treat you or how you truly feel about them, because you/they may be dropping the “I” because you/they really don’t love the way they should. That would be how my biological dad was with my momma, he’d walk in the room and quickly say “love you.” He never did mean it and I don’t think I ever recall him telling her “I love you” and that would be why, because he didn’t love her.

Now that I have all this out. Don’t over analyze how someone says they love you. If it’s a safety net, they’ll come around eventually, give them some time and someone to trust, they’ll get there. If you find out you don’t love them, leave.. If you find out they don’t love you, leave. You deserve to have someone to love and have someone love you. And like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with someone saying “love you.” However, if it is a security or a lack of love it is something that should be addressed.

Just some food for thought,



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