The Horrors of 3rd Year Molars

So, I really don’t know why I’m posting this other than to amuse you and see my own crazy issues but…

I’m suppose to be going to a dentist to get my wisdom teeth removed but there’s one tiny problem.

I have this crazy irrational fear of anesthetics. You see, you take someone who is suppose to trust you because you are their dentist/doctor and you feed someone a toxin through an I.V. or whatever to make their body shut down, and then…

It really is kind of funny to me only because I feel like it is such a stupid childish fear but for some reason I have this huge conspiracy that doctors and dentists that use anesthetics are all out to kill me. Which, a friend of mine kindly pointed out to me that I see a chiropractor and chiropractors have been known to paralyze people. But my argument was that I don’t let them adjust my neck. Never have felt comfortable with it only because I know that the neck adjustments are usually the main cause of paralysis. But like I said that WAS my argument until I realize that my Chiro just does whatever and I never know when it’s coming. Sooo… yeah. Either way though at least I’m conscious and aware of what is going on around me while my chiro works on me.

And see my fears were only made worse when I began seeking comfort on the procedure and began looking into how they removed the wisdom teeth and found a few things that did not sit well with me and then all the what-ifs barged into my already panicked mind.

What if they give me to much of the anesthetic?

What if my body reacts to the anesthetic and my body shuts down?

What if it is some sick crazy surgeon who decides that since I have the anesthetic he is going to rape me?!?

What if they are just a crazy group of surgeons who want to take the life of an innocent 19 year old?!?!

You never know… There are some messed up people in this world.

So my question that I ask myself is WHY?! would I trust someone with an anesthetic?


Now that I have thoroughly amused you all who have had your wisdom teeth removed or have been in surgery and find that it is no biggy, and probably panicked anyone else who has anxiety issues.

I will say this for your comfort and my own. There have been thousands, probably millions of procedures requiring anesthetics and I will gather that much more than half are successful otherwise there would be a lot less people in this world. I will just have to keep telling myself that until I get those stupid teeth removed.

And see they like to use that word “extracted” that just doesn’t even sound pleasant ok! That sounds like something you would do to… a very bad thing. Which is weird that I make that connection considering that we use extracted garlic or we use essential oils which are extracted from a plant and are extremely beneficial to us.

Ok, I think I’m done revealing my completely paranoid and childish side to y’all. Despite this being a very real fear for me, I do hope this gave you a good laugh.