My Opinion on Misogyny

Alright, the hot topic around the house right now and almost anywhere you go is the UCSB Shooting and misogynistic men. I came across a post, which I will post at the end of this for anyone who is curious, that gives some insight in how these young guys speak. These are a couple of the conversations had in an online chatroom.

[11:04 AM]: she doesnt weigh that much but shes only 5.3″

[11:04 AM]: women under 5’5 shouldnt be above 100. i f***** an escort who was 5’5 120 and i thought she was fat. i realized women withotu clothes are much uglier than with clothes

[11:04 AM]: yeah [11:04 AM]: legit

[11:04 AM]: i see most women as some skinnyfat dude with a pussy. they are just subhumans acting liek they are the s***

[11:05 AM]: thats why cfnm porn is so legit

[11:05 AM]: lol


[12:39 PM]: i just want my oneitis to f****** gobble on my d*** like the little slut she is

[12:39 PM]: rape her

[12:39 PM]: I know this guy who got rejected for not having a 90° gonial angle.

[12:39 PM]: rape is low inhibition, DOM and alpha. its the ultimate DOM move

[12:40 PM]: what’s your rape count

[12:40 PM]: rape is pretty beta

[12:40 PM]: if ur havent raped someone by age 22, ur prob a truecel [celibate] for life

[12:40 PM]: not rape rape, but date rape

[12:40 PM]: Not DOM enough

[12:40 PM]: date rape is the behavior of masculine blacks, and very alpha

[12:41 PM]: who is gonna be the next elliot rodger on this chat? i nominate greg

1. I just want to say. Girls, be careful of who you date or even hangout with for that matter. It shouldn’t take long to find a misogynistic guy if you listen to how he speaks and watch how he treats girls. The second conversation directly above, that was them discussing how they show “affection.” It is twisted and messed up in so many ways and the last thing you will want is to end up with a guy that thinks raping you is the answer or is threatening your life because you don’t want to sleep with him. If you do end up in a situation in which you or someone else are being threatened, be prepared to grow a backbone and fast and do whatever it takes to ensure protection.

2. KEEP IT COVERED!!! No, I don’t care what anyone says, by design men are wired differently than women are. You DO NOT have the right to walk around in a shirt that lets half your junk hang out the top or showing belly, or shorts that let stuff hang out the bottom. You just don’t. I know guys who have outright told me they wish girls would be more conservative on how they dress because it would make looking at them or rather not looking at them much easier. You shouldn’t dress inappropriately and expect that no guy is going to look at you. We as women are partially responsible for helping them to control their thoughts. Does it always work? No, there are still guys out there who don’t care and would rather you be their play toy. But there are also men out there who do care and don’t wish to look at you as an object… Help those men at the very least.

3. DON’T BECOME PART OF THE PROBLEM. Just don’t. Don’t be one of those girls who go onto online chatrooms or anywhere else to purposefully get these guys roused up and then crush them. You could be that one person to send them over the edge to:

  • committing suicide
  • committing murder
  • committing rape

Then not to mention that if some of them are married you are one more person that they are focused on. Personally me, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I may have been the person that caused them to snap and commit suicide, murder, or rape. Not to mention that if you are purposefully rejecting these guys for your own personal amusement you are helping to create these crazy misogynistic boys. It only takes one person to plant that seed of hatred.

Keep in mind there are still crazy people out there who are congratulating Elliot Roger for his shooting. They look to him as a hero. He’s not the only one out there.

Please girls, be considerate of the guys around you, and yourself. No one deserves to be treated like a piece of meat to be eaten or a tool to be used or a toy to be played with and thrown away. Understand I’m not condoning the shooting in anyway shape or form, I just know there’s ways to help prevent situations like this. These situations start small and grow worse and worse until they have no feelings at all.


Now for people in general,

1. Girls don’t have a right to dress however they want and expect no attention. HOWEVER, guys. You do still have a responsibility to maintain a head on your shoulders and understand that no matter how “trashy” she is dressed she is still to be shown respect. Women are not a piece of meat, or a tool, or a toy. They are a human being to be respected not toyed with. We have emotions, we can feel when we are reject or hated just the same as you can feel when you are rejected and hated.

2. Nobody likes a hot head or an “alpha” male or whatever you want to call yourself. Really, if you are referring to yourself as the alpha you don’t have a respect that any girl will want to respect or even should respect for that matter. Most of the time a girls respect is going to be won by trust and love, however cheesy that might sound to you. Don’t treat her like she’s your personal slave and should just bow down to your every command. It doesn’t work like that.

3. It goes both ways really, but for boys, girls are not worth getting your feelings hurt over. Just because you haven’t slept with more girls than Jo Blo down the road doesn’t mean you aren’t a man. In fact having the ability to maintain a normal relationship without sleeping with anyone only makes you more man than Jo Blo. In the same aspect, girls. Boys are not worth getting your feelings hurt. No one is worth your time spent being depressed or feeling rejected or hated. It Just. Isn’t. Worth it.

4. YOU DON’T GET TO HAVE SEX WITH WHOEVER YOU PLEASE. Simply because a girl is married doesn’t mean she’s available for you or anyone else. She has dedicated her life to ONE man and only that man. NO GIRL is up for grabs just because she’s there. AGAIN with the RESPECT issue. I really don’t care when you think their “peak” is and especially if they are virgin. LEAVE THEM ALONE! Likely if they are virgin at 14-21 or whatever it is it’s likely THERE’S A REASON and it’s NOT FOR YOU! You don’t get to do whatever you’d like with them or two them. They are not yours.

So yes, now you all have my two cents worth on the whole misogynistic men deal. Below is the link to Elliot Rodgers shooting. Be safe Y’all