A Life of Bliss

I’m sitting here listening to me 7 year old sister tell me her plans for her life and I love how simple everything is in the life of these young children. They live in bliss, money is no object, and there’s always an answer no matter how bizarre it may sound. There is nothing that can stop them.
She has been raddling off how she is going to build a huge water museum (with much discussion she’s building an aquarium.) to house all of her water animals.
She’s going to make several separate buildings, one for her desert animals, one for her forest animals, one for her cold weather animals and so on.
She is teaching her dogs to tend to her garden, and robots to clean up after the animals, in the midst of all this she is not paying anyone to build it because her and dad are going to build it, and she’s going to teach riding lessons and have 5 kids.
Oh, and lets not forget she isn’t paying anyone to take care of the animals because that would just waste money so instead her and her 5 kids are going to take care of everything.
I have one thing to say to that… and by the way she’s still rambling… She’s absolutely crazy. But I wont tell her that.

So basically what I’m trying to get at is as we get older we allow those dreams to crash because we see reality. Financially and/or logically they just can’t happen. However when we find dreams that we would love to achieve and are attainable even if it doesn’t come for several years, instead of making that a goal to hit we pass it off and don’t bother with it. Because there’s no way I could get the finances to cover that. Or so we think…
Obviously some dreams, that’s where that logic thing comes in. Some dreams cannot be attained, my dream when I was little was to move onto a hundred acre ranch and turn it into a wildlife reserve and live with my best friend. Nothing big and really if we were adults when we decided that it could work if that’s what we wanted. Reality hits years later when we both grow up and realize, she wants to get married, lives 5 hours away and financially isn’t happening any time soon. It just isn’t logical.
But you see with little kids they just don’t get it, they think well, just pay the $100 and be done with it, or in my 10 year old sisters mind, “If I sell my toys then we can buy this $35,000 jumping horse right?”
No, unfortunately it’s not that easy. But in the mean time we are so caught up in how much money we do or don’t have we miss opportunities to advance our dreams and have fun. We think that we have to have money to have fun. Even advancing your dreams if you begin making connections with people at least then you have the connections right? No money required. Or at least not ridiculous amounts anyway.
I do understand sometimes due to a situation that a dream does have to be put on hold, that’s understandable, but even still, you have to start somewhere eventually, right?
So all that to say this.
Dream on, let no ones opinions stop you, don’t get discouraged, think like a little kid. Don’t fear the limits just know where they are.

Dream it, Do it.
Have a good night y’all.


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