Life is Good

My life is good. It really is. At least for now. I have two wonderful little sisters, a great mother, three beautiful horses, I have amazing people helping me through life, and I have an almighty God who cares about me. My little nothing self. He cares about and because of that I am great… I’m feeling accomplished. I’m a heck of a cook, my guitar playing is progressing, I have good work ethic, I feel good physically, unless I have to be physically flexible. That I am not… But at this moment I feel good.
Maybe it’s because I have this overwhelming peace that has attached itself to me today. I don’t know. Obviously I still have issues I’m dealing with and working out but those seem of so little importance right now. I’m just happy to be me. Happy to be where I am right now.
I’m looking to start college in the spring and for that I am excited. Five months and then I’m done with the most time consuming chunk of my college then it is all CEU classes.
Eventually I would like to actually do something with my guitar. I’m naturally shy. I don’t like people watching me or listening to me or being near me or… or… being on the other side of the world. But I love the handful of people that I am dedicated to. Anyhow, I love playing guitar and I love singing. Both everyone thinks I’m great at even if I don’t agree. But despite me not thinking I’m all that great I would love to actually go somewhere with my guitar rather than being just another in the closet singer/guitarist. I would love to write my own music, however I really, really do suck at writing my own songs there’s just no two ways about that one.

But you see, my conclusion for the day is to just be content. Find things to be thankful for. It’s not all that hard even in the worst of situations. You just have to work harder and set your mind to it and it truly can be hard. But I’m sure you can find at least one thing to be thankful for.
Go through your day and just smile at people, say hi, start conversations with your cashiers (I’ve found actually engaging them really brightens their day and I love being able to make their day better. It makes me feel good). Make jokes in passing people and watch their face light up simply because you chose to give them a little humor. Which I will say is extremely contradictory being that I said I don’t like people, it has taken me a lot to get to this point and I do still have to give myself that extra push to engage someone and I don’t do it all the time but I’ve found specific employee’s at the walmart I go to that I try to stick with because they are easy to talk to. Some times if I don’t get those specific cashiers then I may not talk to anyone, it just depends on how far I feel like pushing myself or if I feel like taking on the challenge of making someone’s day better.

It all pays off in one way or another to just loosen up and be content. Be happy and spread the love. Your life is as good as you make it.
Have a good night y’all,


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