6 Reasons To Laugh

Smiles and laughter go hand in hand…  They are contagious and way too much fun! So here are a few facts about laughing to get us started.

  1. Laughter lowers blood pressure, therefore making you less vulnerable to heart attacks.
  2. It reduces stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine,  leaving your body relaxed for at least 45 minutes after a good bout of laughter.
  3. It also releases endorphins that help to lessen the amount of pain you are in.
  4. Laughter has shown an increase in levels of salivary immunoglobulin, which is an important antibody that fights bacterial and viral infections.
  5. Laughing can improve sleep, digestion problems, and cause more optimistic feelings.
  6. People who laugh together tend to have longer lasting relationships and feel more satisfied with their relationship.

Now something that I found humorous is that women laugh more than men (which isn’t surprising..) BUT men have the tendency to want prompt laughter.

So, there are many reasons to laugh.  The reason I had to go find all this was because I’ve been feeling happier and I have been sleeping a lot better lately, I think, due to late night conversations that generally have me shaking or rolling with uncontrollable fits of laughter.. I mean, we just had a conversation last night about me dying from laughing.. Physically and emotionally I FEEL a difference, I’m not as tired, I’m perky, and I actually have some energy to burn!

Anyway, if the general joyous feeling isn’t enough to keep a person laughing I have given you 6 other reasons to laugh more! Now I’ll say, sure, sometimes mustering up the energy to laugh or even feel happy is a chore some days.. But boy, if you find someone who can help you out with that, you’ll look forward to that, because you know it will be fun. Even if you cover more serious topics, and don’t always get around to the goofy happy stuff, you’ll find that if you can laugh a little more, you’ll feel tons better! It’s good to have friendships that give emotional support as well as allowing the two of you to keep each other’s spirits lifted.

It’s kind of funny because I’m finding I’m more willing to let people see my goofy side, and not take myself quite so seriously… It is nice, I don’t feel as tense all the time.

Seriously though, before getting uptight over something just consider, is it really worth getting uptight over? Or can you find the humor in it? And also ask yourself, who’s day can I make better by spreading the smiles, you’ll find that it will make you feel better when you can make another person laugh, even if they are a stranger…

Just remember, not everything is “The Worst”. The link below is a bit done by a comedian named Tim Hawkins. Watch it and have a laugh.


God Bless,



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