Degrading Names

Ok, I was going through facebook again last night and it got me on another wound up rant that I kept to myself for the night.. So here we go…

More of those… uhm.. memes? I think that is what they are called. Yes, I’m 19 almost 20 and not caught up with the modern lingo.. Anyway, I was coming across ones that were encouraging men to take care of their B******, or how a guy shouldn’t bother with a hoe, instead he should protect his B****…. REALLY? Or the pictures that have the “B****** be like….” There’s a plethora of them and they are driving me crazy! No girl should be degraded so much!

I find it comical listening to talk between friends because calling each other N*****, or B******, or Hoes, or sluts or whatever other degrading name they can find.. I’ve seen it between boyfriends and girlfriends, I’ve seen it between girls, it is almost sickening how people use it as a term of endearment.
Seriously though, if we as people are suppose to be valued, why do we degrade the girls? I understand some of them don’t help their case but that doesn’t mean they should be talked to, talked about, or treated like trash. I don’t care if it is suppose to be in love… We are suppose to guard our hearts, ears, eyes, and minds. The way we talk, what we hear, and see, it affects us even if we don’t necessarily notice the effects of it right off the bat. Or even in a few years.. We become desensitized to it.. Part of why when I talk to people the first thing I notice is whether or not they cuss, and then I am seriously intrigued when cussing is not a part of their vocabulary. Because I have managed to keep myself from becoming completely desensitized to it.
Once more I am annoyed by the carelessness of the people who make these pictures, on top of that if a guy is choosing a “B” over a slut or hoe (dang those words just don’t even feel right to think to me..), or whatever you want to call her.. He probably shouldn’t be dating her. At least not if he values a relationship. And if he’s only looking for a “B” then he isn’t worth her time or emotions, no matter how jacked up she is.. In fact, he probably needs a good sucker punch to the face.

Now you have my two cents for what it is worth.

Guys, be respectable, respect yourselves. If you value a relationship don’t date someone who could actually be classified in one of those categories. Value the women, don’t be degrading..

Girls, if you are dating a guy who is continuously referring to you as a slut, hoe, B****, etc. He is not worthy of you. You are far more precious than that. I know it is hard to believe, especially if you have hit rock bottom.. it’s hard to believe that you should be treated like you are valuable… Even now with my friend, he’s an awesome guy, he really is, we all have our issues, but sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve such an amazing friend.

The second note for the guys and girls, try to refrain from degrading each other even in playful banter. It’s not good for the mind or soul. I’ve heard boys refer to each other as F***ers… There’s just no need for that sort of banter. It isn’t uplifting no matter how you phrase it.

We as people, no matter what our past, no matter male or female, deserve to be treated respectfully and not be talked to, talked about, or treated like trash.. none of us.. Every person is worth much more than that.


I’m stepping off my soap box now.

God Bless,



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