8 Reasons Skype Might Be Alive

My friend and I were joking about our Skype habits and how ridiculously horrible they are… I mean even when the internet crashed or Skype is being fussy we still fight through it and get SOME Skype time… Now over the past 3 months there and about we have learned a few things from Skype.. One of them being Skype has got to be alive.. I swear Skype has a mind of its own.

1. Skype is narcissistic. It has an ego that needs to be stroked. We can talk about Skype all night long and it wont cut out. Heaven forbid we bring up something other than Skype because at that moment that we quit talking about Skype it cuts out. Sometimes it is even so bad that we have had nights were the ONLY word that will come through is “Skype”… You say any other word and the other person wont hear it.

2. I know mom said that Skype must be a guy because it needs its ego stroked.. But I tend to lean more the direction that Skype is a girl… It’s WAY too moody/fussy to be a guy. I mean everything can be perfect and it will still complain that it is having connection issues even though the internet is working 100%.

3. For us at least, Skype works half the time.. literally. If it is working great the first half of our conversation, we know the end of our conversation will be a pain. If it is fussy for the first half of our conversation then we can expect good things for the last half of our conversation. BUT every so often, Skype is merciful and gives us one night where it isn’t complaining about crummy connection and is giving us good video and clear audio.. And then the next night or two… it dashes all our excitement by making us text WHILE we are trying to Skype because it is spending more time trying to reconnect the call or keeping the audio jumbled up so nobody can hear or understand each other.

4. Sometimes Skype has a wonderful sense of humor. It can freeze up at the best times because inevitably SOMEONE is making a crazy face and that is when it will freeze. Then it gets funnier the longer it stays frozen like that and you can’t help but crack up laughing, especially when you were doing something and when you looked back to the screen that frozen crazy face is all that you see…

5. Often Skype will take sides. Generally it seems to take sides with the person who is being harassed. I’ll go to smart off about something and it will cut off before my friend can hear it and visa versa. Then while Skype is trying to reconnect we momentarily relish the fact that Skype protected us from whatever goofy sarcastic remark was about to be said. But that might go along with Skype having a good sense of humor since it seems to amuse the two of us so much.

6. Skype is teaching us pure determination and willpower because when it is being so fussy, and we spend more time waiting on the call to reconnect than we do actually skyping, we either stick through it and text while we wait, OR we’ll just use a phone.. it causes us to use other forms of communication. Either way though, we refuse to allow Skype to cut our conversations short.

7. Sometimes you just don’t question an unlikely good connection in the midst of a hundred disconnected calls.. depending on the time, you take that good video and say goodnight before it cuts out.. no lollygagging just get to the point and get off Skype. Otherwise that 3:00 bedtime can quickly get moved to 4 or 4:30. Simply because you had 5 minutes of good connection and you are too stubborn to let Skype have the last laugh.

8. Since I’m on the topic, Skype is like a child, or horses.. You can’t let it have the final laugh. It tries, but you’ve got to fight with it until you show it that you are in charge and it can’t boss you around and tell you when it is time to get off. Which is why you don’t question that few minutes of good connection when Skype is being fussy. Because then You have disconnected the call and Skype doesn’t get that last laugh.

So yes, I do have a tendency to think Skype does have a mind of its own and I’m pretty sure it needs counseling or something so it can get over its emotional issues. Anyway, I think I have covered everything. Despite the frustrations that go along with Skype, I hope you got a laugh out of this.

And for those of you who know my frustrations, I feel for ya, in more ways than one for some of you. I really do.. Hopefully we can get on Skypes good side one of these days..


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