Broken Together

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Casting Crowns has their new “Thrive” album out. The song “Broken Together” was playing on the radio a few weeks back and I’ve really had to think on this one because the song seems so hopeless… Then I was listening to an interview with Mark, the man behind the song and Casting Crowns lead singer,  and he was talking about how no one is perfect and we have to come to a point of just being broken together. This really did get me thinking though, and I’d like to make a point that is missed in the song and that is this.

Yes, we get married and it’s all rainbows and butterflies till one day it all hits. We get married to a person we thought we knew better than anyone else only to find time sets in and you don’t really know them. So the question becomes, can you lay aside the person you thought was and still love the person who has shown up? As long as that person was honest before marriage, all those same qualities you once loved are still there.. maybe the way they smile, or the goofy nature, or maybe the way they spoke softly when you were having a meltdown.  Those characteristics may not be visible all the time but they are there. No one person is perfect, even if we believe that person is perfect before marriage, as people we are simply perfectly imperfect, made perfect by God. And that is where we get stuck. We get angry with someone and we set higher expectations when we should just forgive, allow God to work in the relationship, and be broken together.. Because if we can come to that point, honestly in any relationship, parent to child, husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend, if we remain broken together, allowing God to make our relationship whole, it will all be ok. There is hurt in every relationship, whether it’s big or small, it’s still hurt. If we can learn to love that person despite their flaws, there’s hope for the relationship. Back to that point I was getting at, if we keep God as the head of the relationship, any relationship can be made complete. Even if that completion is found by being broken together…

God Bless,



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