8 Things I’ve Learned From Doctor Who

I know, I am strange.. Very strange some may say.. But to be quite honest I am proud of my mild obsession with Doctor Who. Anyway, I was flipping through Facebook and came across a post asking what Doctor Who has taught you and how it has impacted your life and it got me to thinking…

  1. It aided in teaching me what kind of person I wanted to marry.. Someone who was strong both emotionally and physically, someone who would protect me always and care for me deeply. Someone who was silly but also serious, someone with more compassion than they know what to do with, but at the same time someone you didn’t cross twice. Someone who could stand up for himself and for me. Someone who was adventurous and willing to live life to its fullest.
  2. It taught me that everyone deserves forgiveness.. I may still not be the best at forgiving, but I was pretty dead set against forgiving much of anyone till I watched the Tenth Doctor lose his mind when… well, for those of you who haven’t watched it.. There was an incident with The Master..
  3. It also helped encourage me to stress a little less… To just go with the flow of life and handle the problems as they occur. Though, (oh, I’m probably opening a can of worms so don’t shoot me) I am on the edge over who “my” Doctor is.. whether it is David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston.. I was never fond of Matt Smith, but it was during his seasons that I started learning how to not allow situations to control me.
  4. It helped me to grow a backbone and not be so concerned about what people thought of me.
  5. Because I am me, it taught me a lot about my own relationship with God. Simply because the 9th and 10th Doctor’s are very very similar in comparison to my knowledge of God. Now, yes, it is not 100% accurate, but the protective, loving, passionate, forgiving, merciful, graceful, compassionate, side of him definitely, being able to see all of the universe and his heart just aching because of all the pain in the universe.. Sounds familiar to a God who weeps because He hurts for His people…
  6. It also helped me understand that getting close to someone though can be painful if they leave.. It’s always important to have at least one good person by your side..
  7. It taught me that, multiple shadows are bad… broken clocks are bad, statues are bad, forgetting is bad, snowmen are bad.. basically anything that was good is bad..
  8. And lastly, Never get too closely attached to one of Steven Moffat’s characters.. because about the time you really fall in love with them Moffat crushes all your hopes and dreams and kills them…

Anyway, though there have been a few other things that have played in since I finished my last season of Doctor Who. I think Doctor Who planted those seeds, allowing me to open my mind and heart for the changes that were coming.. Somewhere between Doctor Who helping me see all this and see where the problems were and after that my Ted Dekker binge reading that helped me see who I was and just how much my God cared about me, and the wonderful people I have had to support me, and some who are still supporting me, I’m a fairly confident force to be reckoned with. I have my moments as do most people I think.. But overall… I’m pretty content and proud of who I am. One of these days I’ll have to do a post on what Ted Dekker has taught me..

Now, I have to ask… Is there anyone who caught the revised quote from “The Croods”? Because seriously, I’m kind of proud about that one….

And I’m just saying, but, I really feel like there should be a very large red flag over my house that is begging the Doctor to come.. Because there’s a crack in our ceiling, a broken clock on the mantle, I go outside and I had two shadows, and to be quite frank, I’m glad the snowmen melted off..

Ok.. I’m done being weird now… It’s time to remove the Doctor Who brain and go be a functional human being…

God Bless,



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