To Change or Not to Change

We often say don’t change who you are… Many of us don’t specify what that means.. Don’t change your core of who you are, but there’s always room for improvement.. It’s so funny, because I hear people say “You aren’t the same person you were two years ago” or whatever, or you get “If I do this, I’m not going to be the person I am now..” I just want to point out the obvious, but, we aren’t meant to stay the same throughout our lives.. I mean, if you think about it.. If we never changed, never matured, we’d all still be in diapers and reality would be that the human race would die off because we’d all be counting on someone else to feed us..
In a less dramatic manner, we wouldn’t take on proper responsibility, we wouldn’t start a family, we wouldn’t leave home, or make friends, or watch tv, or listen to music… Why? Because, all of this has an impact on who we are…
You take on responsibility, that generally consists of learning to do things you don’t want to do.. It builds character, and maturity..
You start a family, means you have to take on more responsibility, you are accountable for your family and your wife (or husband), and children.. Raising a family is going to change you..
If you left home, it is going to teach you that bills need to be paid, a job is a necessity, but it will open you up to a whole new world of experiences..
Making friends, people who are close to us have a tendency to affect our personality.. Whether it’s good or bad.. You start unconsciously using words you weren’t prone to using before, you start speaking like them, start having similar viewpoints… They can make you happy, or they can make you depressed.. I’ve watched people who were bright happy people hang around the wrong crowed and they suddenly became very dark, depressed people.. I’ve watched people who didn’t cuss and had a meek but goofy personality, become someone who cusses frequently and has become kind of a jerk…
Watching TV or listening to music… A lot of people will disagree that it has an affect on them, however, once more, I’ve watched peoples moods change drastically and the only thing in their life that changed was their music… and I watch our little kiddos and see how their moods fluctuate when they get grounded from the tv.. give them a few days to get over the initial shock of not being able to watch tv and they become very sweet and enjoyable.. Heck, even with myself… Doctor Who has had a pretty big impact on my own life… And my music.. That was my only source of sanity for a long time.. That was how I got through most of my family issues..
Anyway, as people, we are always going to be changing, for better or worse.. Hopefully for the better though. We will never stop changing, never stop learning, never stop exploring and having new experiences.. Everything we do, everything we hear, or see, it all affects us in some way or another. Any type of change be it big or small has the potential to affect our lives.. The people we come across will likely mold our personality, especially if it is someone we look up to or love deeply.
But this is all life, change is life.. and we can embrace it and let it mature us and allow ourselves to grow, or we can stay helpless as a newborn, reliant on everyone else, never becoming the person who is truly confident.

Don’t allow the core or who you are to change, the kindness, they joy, the compassion, even the emotional… But by all means, change for the better, grow, become someone who isn’t held back for fear of change.
God Bless,