There’s Always a Light

Four weeks ago, I would’ve told you that I would be going to school to become a sports therapist and the man who taught me to barefoot trim would’ve told you that I was slowly leaving the horse world. In all honesty, if I was truthful I didn’t really know where my life was going. I have been struggling this winter to get money saved for school only to find that not only was my work inhibited by all the rain, but I had over a thousand dollars in vet bills, and I need a new vehicle… Due to the vet bills and lack of work, I’m not as far along as I would have liked to be financially.

However, what is amazing is this… I still don’t know exactly where I’m going with my life because four weeks ago God brought me across one of the greatest men that I have had the privilege of knowing and it seems slowly but surely he’s flipping my world… Right side out…

Things feel like they have been caving in around me, between the rain, the lack of work, having to put down both my dogs, all three of our vehicles breaking all at once and multiple times on some of them, having lost two of my kittens two days before I left for Missouri last week and having one that I was afraid to leave home by herself, injuries to my Azteca mare, the trip to MO consisted of a tire with a giant bubble, a shredded tire, and one that was falling apart, and then coming home we found a tire that had nails and screws in it (Our trailer only has four tires…).. Then there’s the coggins issue for state lines, and the trailer tags… Holy crap, and that’s just a portion of what has gone on in the last few months…

Four weeks ago I had it. I needed a break so I told mom we were signing up for this clinic I happened across. Never hearing about this particular clinician, I was taking a chance. Which is something I never do… If I’m learning from someone, I have followed them closely for many months, or off the opinion of close friends that I trust. However, I called him to pay him, and the conversation was long enough that I decided he would be a good person to learn under.

Anyway, to say the least, after learning from this clinician, things I was using as excuses to not work with the horses are fairly nonexistent being that I’ve been out at the barn rain or shine, wind or not pretty much every day.. Shoot, yesterday it rained all day was sloppy muddy, the wind was 40 mph and I caught up my horse and played in the barn, it was fun!

So all that to say this, life has felt like it’s been crashing in around me for years, the last few months have felt like someone’s been slamming doors in my face and dropping giant boulders around me that were not only nearly crushing me, but also shaking my world. My love for my horses was diminishing, the one thing that kept me going when all else felt hopeless. My love for those horses who have cared for me, was slowly disappearing.. Then school seemed like it would be years before I could attend, and so, I was just pretty much done trying other than just continuing to save. I knew where I wanted to go, but had no idea of how or when.

Though as my story would have it, my passion for horses was ignited. My career is being pushed. I am being challenged. And I finally have someone who cares enough and has the potential to make a difference in my life. What I did to deserve it, I’m not sure. But the only family I can get to help me with my life is my mom. My father disowned me, and the rest of the family, I don’t really know, they don’t seem  interested in helping… Then there’s this person who is stepping in and telling me, “We can push this forward. I know we can make this work.. Not sure how just yet, but we shall.”  And reminding me that God has got this…  It’s amazing the feeling of having someone who has a big enough heart to care about someone like me. Someone who’s never been anyone important, just a… uniquely ordinary person.

So when everything is going to pot, and your world is caving in. Try to remember this… If it hadn’t been for the 7 months of rain, I would have never met this person. Had I not met him, I never would’ve made a trip to Missouri (which, has probably been the best road trip and vacation I have had). Had we let the vehicles and other circumstances stop us, I wouldn’t have met him and I wouldn’t be on a road to reaching my dream of becoming a sports therapist and loving and training horses.  Yet, here in my world that feels like it’s falling apart, there is a light. A light that I have questioned if it was there or if I was imagining it, but now a light that I am dang near sure of. This one person who God is allowing to fill me with hope and life.

When you feel like you are going through hell and back, if you stay resilient, and you always look for opportunities and TAKE them, and you always keep God insight maintaining a relationship with him. God will take care of you. Sometimes he may take care of you through animals or people, or both. He’ll never abandon you. Things happen for a reason, and sometimes when things don’t go as planned, if you roll with it and don’t worry about it, it may work out in your favor. It may be a while before you start seeing the bigger picture, but remember, what you are seeing at the moment is only a piece of a much bigger picture.

Y’all have a good weekend,

Keep smiling,

God Bless,



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