Drivers and Horses

Yes, I’m going to rant, but hear me out please. This first one is good information for EVERYONE and I hope is spreads like wildfire…
1. If you are driving down a road, whether it is a highway or backroad and you see a horse, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!! Most people expect that if we are riding, or walking our horse down a busy road then we trust that our horse is capable of handling it… Or there’s the other people who just don’t care…
a. The horse only learns by experience, so though we believe the horse is ready for it, we don’t know till we are along the side of a road.
b. We got lost on the trails and the only way home is down a busy road, we may or may not be on a trustworthy horse.

c. There was some emergency that is causing us to HAVE to take our horse down the road.
d. Our horse had done this hundreds of times but a piece of grass is misplaced and that makes our horse act willy.
Now, with that being said, sometimes we don’t have a choice as of to whether we are next to a busy road or not, and especially at night, it would be greatly appreciated if you would keep in mind that we are trusting our lives with a REACTIVE PREY animal that could either, jump off the bridge we are on OR jump out in front of your vehicle at any given moment.
On top of that, if there’s a firetruck with flashing lights in the back and a police vehicle in the front with flashing lights, likely it’s because there is a problem. When you see the person and horse wedged in between the two please don’t take that as a pass to fly by at 50 mph. It not only puts the horse and the person leading the horse in danger, it also puts you and whoever is in the vehicle in danger if you hit that horse. Also, when someone is on the other side of the road asking you to slow down because she’s trying to protect the horse that is losing his mind because he was pulled out of flood waters and his owners decided to rub his hind end raw and then flip him over on the concrete because they wanted to load him in the trailer their way….. and now his hocks are bloody and he hates the trailer even more than before…. PLEASE don’t run her over!!! Yes… I nearly got my butt ran over today because this horse was panicking and this crazy driver refused to slow down… If it wasn’t for being paranoid that I would’ve gotten in trouble by the officers there, I would’ve pitched the snap and reins that I had at their window.

2. If you own horses, please, please make sure they load well into the trailer. Because when emergencies come, by flood or fire… or an injured horse. They need to be able to hop into a trailer. When horses are stressed or rushed they are less likely to go into a trailer anyway, so you add one thing to another (I.e. firetrucks, police trucks, flocks of people who are staying to watch the commotion, crazy horse owners who think butt ropes and hollering at the horse is beneficial, torrential down pour, and thunder), and you have a horse that WON’T go into a trailer. I know we all have our hold ups, trust me. My mom has four kids and she barely has time for her horses. BUT she doesn’t let that stop her from making sure her horses can be handled and loaded. I could pretty much bet my life that any one of our 14 horses would load instantly in an emergency situation. Now, I understand if you just got the horse and you were working on getting him trained to load, but I have come across far too many people who just assume they won’t have to load their horse…. It makes it really hard for those of us who are willing to help you if an emergency does present itself.

So there you have my rant for the day… Actually yesterday’s rant, but the internet was down.. If there are two things I would like to get across to people right now it’s these two things… But mostly just that as horse owners, handlers, or whatever you’d like to refer to us as, we would greatly appreciate it if you would kindly either move to the other side of the road when possible and/or slow down. If you did both, especially on a bridge we will love you forever!
God Bless,
To those of y’all in Texas, Stay safe.


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