Do You See What I See?

I don’t have long to write… It’s late and I need to torment a horse in the morning… However, something has been on my mind since the whole same-sex marriage deal… And that would be this..

Do you guys see what is going on? The recent blowouts over racism, the uproar over homosexuality… Do y’all see it? Because it’s driving me crazy… It makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide from the world.

What I see is this:

Christians turning on each other

Innocent people being accused

People walking away from their faith

People being turned away from a Christian lifestyle

Hate… so much hate….

Words being twisted

People turning on each other, their friends, their family

People snapping at others without reason

People judging where they don’t belong judging

People afraid to speak their opinion, not due to being afraid to believe what they believe but for fear of upsetting someone. Because those of us who are willing to love everyone but disagree with a lifestyle are getting bashed from both sides. Simply because society says we are to either support it, or hate it…


Do you see it now? In all of this fuss, in all of our protesting and flashing of our “opinions/beliefs” we are turning on the very things we need the most. Each other, and God. Now some of you may not think we need God, so be it. That’s your choice, but some of us NEED God… We are losing everything that makes us human, we are so busy looking for reasons to be angry, to be offended, or hurt, or to hate… Honestly, if I didn’t know any better I would think the Dalek race was taking over and replacing everyone’s human conciseness with Dalek hate… Because that seems to be where the world is going and it is breaking my heart.

It is crazy though, because if we could all put aside our differences what a world we could make… It would be fantastic! Beautiful! If we could simply learn to care and love one another. Quit looking for reasons to be offended. Just because a white officer shoots ONE black person, the whole colored race loses their minds because it’s an injustice to black people. That one officer is taking it out on the black population. OR MAYBE just maybe, that officer was doing his/her duty and protecting the lives of other black people, other white people, Hispanic people, Asian people, German people, maybe he/she was simply protecting him/herself… That is not a crime… Maybe before jumping on an “act” against a certain race, maybe we should step back and assess the situation.

You want to know why blacks have a bad reputation? Go to the VA hospital in Dallas… Tell me the first thing you notice… You want to know the first thing I notice? Bars… Bars on every house’s door, window. Every shop, store, gas station, has bars, bars, and more bars… What’s the major population? People of very, very, very, dark skin color… Now, am I afraid to be over there on my own? Eh… the bars make a young girl feel a little out of her comfort zone knowing that no one trusts anyone… But I’ve met some very nice, very respectable men and women that were black, that I enjoyed talking with.

Now, go look at a neighborhood full of white people… Find me one house with bars…

I’m not going to say white people are any better than any other race, because there are just as many crazy white people that do stupid things. However, because we are so up in arms over racial matters, white people versus black people and black people, create quite the fuss… No one cares if a white person does it… or if a white person kills a white person… THAT doesn’t raise a fuss because there’s no issue of race…

Ok, so now that I’m off that topic… At least, I think I am… Geez… I’m so done with racial matters… People are people no matter what color they are… I don’t think anyone deserves any better treatment than anyone else… I’m sorry, but this whole black people not having to work to get into school is crazy… I’ve looked at college stuff for chiropractic and the amount of scholarships for white people is nothing compared to what they have for black people… It’s ridiculous. We are all equals and I think we should all have some form of work that has to be done to earn that time in school.

Ok, I’m done now… Anyway, then you consider the same-sex marriage stuff and you’ve got Christians biting each other’s heads off and biting off the heads of the homosexuals… When biblically speaking we are called to love each other and spread the love of Christ… Yes, this event has shown the true heart of most “Christians”.

Ohhh… Anyway… I hope this will open the eyes of many. It’s past time for me to go to bed. So I will close out now, I hope y’all have a wonderful week.

Loving makes you happy,

Hating makes you bitter.

Keep on Loving,