7 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

I’m back on the path to starting Mixed Martial Arts… I’m excited! I’m hoping to start tomorrow if everything goes smoothly. I’ve been interested in MMA for several years… Never really took an interest in watching it, but for some reason, MMA… I wanted to learn it. I decided recently that I would invest in a handgun, I’m 20 so I can get my Concealed Carry License next year. (Most 20 year olds are excited about getting to drink legally… not me, I’m excited about getting to Carry legally…). However, I came to a roadblock.

I saved for my handgun, unprepared for how much I would invest into the MMA classes. So, after some questioning and moving things and convincing myself. I settled on the choice to take the MMA classes before getting my firearm.

Some of you may be thinking, “What?! Why would she do that?” Or “The handgun is more effective any day.” Which, is true to a degree. So here are my reasons for taking MMA before I carry a handgun.

  1. Even in Texas there are places we CAN’T carry. Hospitals for instance. One in which I will have to attend school in that supposedly has one of the highest rape cases for students in Texas. Therefore, I cannot carry into the hospital and have no real efficient way of defending myself once I make my way to my vehicle.
  2. What happens the day you decide to leave your firearm in your vehicle, or at home because you are making a quick run to the store down the road?
  3. What happens if someone is up close to you and grabs you before you can draw? For us smaller people we can’t just break loose without having some skill.
  4. Say you do break loose, you draw your firearm, what if he anticipates it and takes the gun? Then your done for.
  5. On the off chance that multiple people are involved without your knowledge and you have your weapon trained on one person but someone comes behind you and tries to take your firearm?
  6. Or worse yet! You have butterfingers because your hands are sweaty and you are stressed because you don’t want to have to shoot anyone and it’s WAY out of your comfort zone and you drop your gun?! That’d just be embarrassing… But you’d have a way to defend yourself without your firearm…
  7. Then, what if it’s someone who was close to you? A friend, a family member? Would you really be able to shoot them? Personally, I’d rather be confident that I could hold them until the police got there. Sure, there might be some injuries on their part, even to myself, but to me, it would be better than carrying the guilt of shooting someone I cared about if I could at all help it…

So, to me, these are the reasons I want to learn MMA rather than rely on a weapon. Plus, MMA will keep you active and fit… It’s good for helping to manage anger and stress, it helps with self-control and self-confidence, helps with reaction times… There are so many benefits to learning MMA and personally, I think everyone should learn some form of self defense that doesn’t rely on a weapon for these very reasons, whether it’s MMA, karate, Muay Thai, joint locks, something that will help you defend yourself, keep you active, and allow you to channel stress or anger out of yourself.

And no, I don’t worry over every little thing. I just prefer to take caution. I’m a proactive person, and it would allow me to be more confident in myself. Knowing that if something were to happen, I could likely take care of myself.

Y’all have a good week,



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