Therapists and Selflessness

One of the things I’m learning to love about the world of massage is that.. Well, really massage and Body work because Chiropractors are the same way. But they are all so freaking personable. Some times, I think it might be to a fault, because everything is, gain their trust, we aren’t allowed to play “therapist” and offer advice to problems, we aren’t technically suppose to make connections outside of the business. However, we are suppose to be the people that they can unload on at the end of a long day, or the people that they would trust with their life. We are suppose to be the person that when they are feeling neglected or are needing physical touch we are suppose to be the one to give them relief.
Personally, in my dealings with that as a client, it can be a struggle to have a relationship like that when you can’t do anything beyond business, but, shoot, second day, first week of school, I went to see my chiro not because I was hurting necessarily (turns out I had bigger problems than I expected) but I just wanted to be in the presence of my chiropractor(s). I wanted the touch, the conversation, the relief and relaxation that going up there provides and yes, I came out feeling a heck of a lot better, I was happier, I wasn’t feeling half dead, I actually had energy and a smile back on my face.
In studying massage, we find that what we do, when we touch other peoples body’s it has the potential to have the same affect as a hug and again, from experience, I would say that’s pretty accurate. Combine that with the selfless personality that chiro’s and LMT’s have and yeah, it gives you something completely different.
It’s funny to me because people in my class ask, “Well, you are so selfless, how do we be more like you?” And the teachers respond with, “Well, you are in this to help people, once you get in it, you’ll feel it out and that will come out of you. Because it’s in there.”
Me, I’m far too in tune with peoples emotions, I want to help, and I think that’s where my problem is going to come in, because even with one of my teachers, I see he’s got his struggles, he’s already made it clear that his work is his sanctuary and that his students are the one thing he really enjoys, and I so badly want to talk to him… But, that’s not likely to happen. So in the mean time, my heart aches for him.
Yet, he is still so selfless, so kind, so personable and he goes above and beyond as our teacher and THAT is the personality of a Therapist and every therapist and Chiropractor I have known.
Our teacher is also a very honest person, and so he gives us options for those of us who don’t like lying to our clients when they ask how we are. Because no one is ever truly good all the time, there’s going to be days when life isn’t going quite right and you may not feel comfortable saying that everything is fine. Plus, most people can see if you really are fine or not therefore, potentially breaking that trust bond because you are lying to them.
I don’t know, it seems like a big complicated mess in ways, but it is a beautiful mess in its own way.
Seriously though, I’m going to brag on my teacher here a moment, he’s the second person I’ve met like this, and it’s really weird and cool all at the same time, but he can hear EVERYTHING pretty sure, if he was outside and we were inside, he’d still hear a conversation. He’s already made the comment, “If you don’t want me to know, don’t even think it.” On top of that, he is crazy good at reading people. I was sitting in the classroom after class and without looking up from his papers he says, “You have questions, I could see them during class.” Yep, yes I did, but I went to write them down and I lost them. All of them. But, I’ve listened to him talk to and watched how he interacts with everyone, he is just extremely in tune with people, which makes it completely awesome as a teacher! He’s bent on making sure we pass our exams and so for every exam we are given a review with all the questions/answers we need to know that way we aren’t trying to cram information we don’t need and can retain the stuff we do need.
AND on top of all that he is about the most laidback guy, makes it super easy to ask him questions and ask for help and you don’t feel like one wrong move is going to get you in trouble. Four weeks in and I have yet to see any favoritism from either of our teachers, so it really is a great learning environment I love it! May not LOVE going up there everyday at 7 a.m. But I’m already feeling like I’m going to miss going up there. Definitely going to use my interning time wisely and continue sitting in on Steve’s classes.
Anyway, I have a test tomorrow, so off I go! Big words, here I come!!!
Lets see, Infraspinatus, Supraspinatus, Serratus Anterior, Sternocleidomastoid, and I can’t believe my computer is recognizing these!!!
God Bless,