A Lesson From Muscles


So, I was sitting in church for the first time in what felt like forever this last Sunday… Our Pastor made a comment about the church body and some times the hand needs to reattach to the arm to get things done, or check in with the arm. Thing is though thinking about it… This goes for so much more than just the church body and from an Anatomical stand point… Yes, I’m going Anatomy and Physiology on y’all… But here’s the thing.

In an arm, in the hand… You have your muscles, something to blow your mind, the Biceps (Biceps Brachii) don’t even attach at the arm there, they attach to the scapula and to the forearm… They don’t attach anywhere on the upper arm. Biceps Brachii and Brachialis both are located in the upper arm, but attach to the forearm, however they alone aren’t going to flex that elbow of yours… They need the help of the Brachioradialis which is located in the forearm but attaches at the upper arm. And, all those little muscles that move your fingers, those are attaching at your elbow. Aside from the Extensors and Flexors of the fingers, so back to just arm muscles, if one of those three muscles quits working, you can say bye-bye to moving that sweet elbow of yours… Or, even if they don’t work enough and are only working a little, all the other muscles have to pick up that slack and work harder which in turn, stress out the muscles, those ones get fatigued and then once again, you are back to not moving that elbow…

On the same note, if your fascia below your skin gets pulled tight, it doesn’t just affect skin elasticity, it affects your muscles, which affect your bones, which affect your organs, which consist of your heart, your hormones, your liver, kidneys, EVERYTHING… All do to a tiny little twist of fascia at the surface…

So what does this information have to do with a working unit? Be it a family, a group, community, congregation or whatever. Point being, if we become unattached, or lazy, or unproductive, careless, and the like, a group wont maintain a proper working order. Others will get stressed, things wont get done. In order to have a healthy working relationship, we must learn to stay Interconnected and working together.

And here’s another thought for you, Phantom Limbs… If you’ve had an amputation, or know someone who’s had an amputation, you’ll likely have heard about the Phantom Limb, which, from my knowledge of them… The body’s got a hardwired map of itself in our brain, so the brain still senses things and tries to use them even though they aren’t there.

Where am I going with this? Here’s where… We should be that tightly knit together that we notice when something isn’t right, or when someone is missing.

Jeez… I was talking to a friend today and he told me that military suicides are numbering at least 20 per day.

Maybe they had support, maybe they didn’t, but you know what? In general when someone disappears and you don’t bother to check in on them, we don’t know what that person is going through, they could’ve felt rejected, or feared rejection, and if we don’t respond when a person disappears, then yeah, maybe we could have left it up to someone else, but ultimately, it’s our own fault to for not making sure it was done.

But in the end, when it’s all said and done, what has happened? Has that person sat in misery too long? Have they felt rejected, unloved, uncared for too long? You never know…

What I find kind of sad, is I feel like my school and my MMA coach care about me more than my own church… Why? Because, they are more willing to reach out and offer help to me. When I was sick for 2 months did my church call to make sure I was ok? No… My MMA coach did though… My classmates where making me teas, and carrying my stuff for me, and loving on me, despite my being sick…

Ok, so I didn’t really mean for my gears to shift there… But it’s kind of where all this started… For me at least… Really though, it does go for families too. Families are so broken these days, if we could regain some of that ability and learn to work as a proper unit we’d be doing so much better.

Friendships… Same thing, to have a solid friendship, both people have to check in. Both people are responsible for holding up the friendship. If only one person is responsible for trying to maintain the relationship, it gets frustrating for that person. Because inevitably they begin to question what is wrong with them and why their “friend” won’t hold up their end of the friendship. Unless they go the other way and just decide it’s not worth their time anymore.

So, I probably should be done now, because when it comes to dysfunctional communication/team work/relationships, I could go on forever…

So with that I will close.

God Bless,




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