Rantings of a Tomboy

Me dressing up and getting “girly” is probably an overly sensitive subject for me. Usually… No, all the time, if and when I decide to get “girly” it consists of some well-loved boots, muddy or dusty, a good pair of jeans and a nice top and when I say nice, I’ve got a few lacey tops that are actually what people could describe as cute…

Otherwise, I don’t wear makeup, I don’t wear dresses, I don’t wear skirts or anything terribly frilly including jewelry… And I hate feeling forced to wear that crap.

I think though that it’s funny that we live in a society in which we are trying to get people to be happy with their bodies, trying to get people to have boundaries and whatnot. However, we like to put people in situations in which they are expected to “look nice” as if they don’t look nice without being all frilly. Without the makeup, without the stupid manicures and crap and then, if it’s a family event, we want to pull the “You’re supposed to care about me” card. WHICH if you do manage to guilt that person into doing it, we’ve done a few things here,

  1. We’ve essentially told them they don’t look nice enough without getting all frilly.
  2. We completely disrespect that persons boundaries and wishes because it’s their body and we want to guilt them into doing what we want because we have a certain expectation of how they should look.

Me, I personally absolutely detest the way I look with makeup. I hate it. It’s not just that I don’t like putting on makeup, it is more that I really just hate the way I look with makeup on. I’m perfectly happy with how I look. And the one flaw that I do have with my skin, is my consistent picking when I get stressed and scratching skin open and eventually scarring… And I’m sorry, ain’t no amount of makeup gonna hide a big freaking scab on your face or arm or chest or back… It just ain’t. Not without looking worse. SO, the one feature that I don’t like about myself, isn’t going to be fixed with makeup. Otherwise, I love the way I look. I just hate the way I look with makeup.

I’m coming to the conclusion that for some stupid reason in some cases girls are required to wear dresses… Ok… Whatever, I don’t like dresses because they are stereotyped for the most part and suddenly you become this delicate little flower that can’t handle her own… Or, it catches unnecessary attention… I don’t like feeling forced to wear a dress, but I’m coming to the conclusion I may have to deal with that fact of life…

All the other crap just adds onto the insanity when you are asking a girl like me to get “girly”. Jewelry, nails… It’s just more crap added to it. It’s one thing to ask someone to dress a certain way, but when you are asking them to add makeup, or do their nails or whatever, really? Is it really necessary? Is however they feel comfortable with themselves not good enough for you? Why should anyone expect them to be something they aren’t? When you ask someone to do something, what’s the point in making them hate it in the process?

I don’t know, to me it’s disrespectful to expect someone to add to their bodies if it makes them uncomfortable. If they are happy with how they look naturally without a bunch of added crap, why make them uncomfortable and make them dislike the way they look? It just seems crazy to me.

But, I’m not your typical girl… I’m the girl you’re going to find on the gun range, out in a pasture, playing with a horse, swimming in a lake, kicking butt (or getting my butt kicked) during MMA, or out playing on a 4-wheeler… I don’t wear shorts, it’s a rare day to wear capris, I’m a boots, jeans, t-shirt and ball cap kind of girl and there’s a huge difference between when I feel forced to be a girl and when I WANT to be a girl… Just sayin.

Anyway, that’s my ranting for the night… Just something for consideration…

Have a good week,



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