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I know I wrote on technology and relationships recently but I’ve noticed something else over the past month or so.

Not only do we as people feel like we have to compete for attention with our loved ones and they’re phones…

But if you watch our pets they too ask us to put down our phones. My pup has recently started this thing where if I’m on my phone and not giving her attention she stares at me. If I don’t respond she grabs her ball and brings it to me and then stares at me again.

I watch our other dogs go from one person to the next because people are playing on their phones and not giving the dog any attention…

It’s sad to me when even my dog is having to ask me to get off the phone… I’ve started paying better attention to my pup. If she approaches I try to put my phone down for her. She gets her full of me and then she’ll lay down and go to sleep and then I can go back to doing what I was doing.

But in general this goes back to we as people need to spend less time on our phones… it burdens relationships, causes loved ones to feel rejected and unimportant… it obviously even causes our animals grief when they ask to spend time with us and we choose our phones over them. But we do this with people all the time! It’s sad…

We need to get our noses detached from our phones and out of these technological prisons and enjoy life. Enjoy our pets and the people we love. Once again, nothing is going to blow up over social media if you don’t spend all day on it. This world will however pass away.

Enjoy it.

God bless,