Pregnancy Jokes

I’m going to put my opinion somewhere it probably isn’t wanted… But that’s ok.

Ever since the 1st of April, I’m watching three things happen.

  1. People are trying to raise awareness that playing fake pregnancy jokes isn’t funny.
  2. People are actually playing the jokes.
  3. People are losing their crap saying that people who are getting “offended” should “suck start a shotgun”

I love John Burk and I support him and everything he’s said until this point…

Here’s why… Women who “need” to bear children, it is their life. For those that are infertile and it’s their dream but can’t have a child, due to their monthly cycle, EVERY FLIPPING MONTH they get a new reminder, “Hey, you can’t have children.” Or each month they try to have hope that maybe this time, or if they are late for their period… Then it gets crushed each month…

For someone who succeeded in getting pregnant and their body rejected the baby or they gave birth to a stillborn, can you even begin to imagine the amount of grief that floods them when you fake a pregnancy? Something that was so dear to them, that you suddenly are making a joke of?

And maybe you aren’t making fun of them, and maybe people are reading into the joke… But when someone dies do you still have sensitivity about it? Yes…

Relate it to someone in your family committing suicide… If your child, spouse, friend, parent, sibling, whatever committed suicide, would you think it was “funny” if someone thought to make a joke out of the topic of suicide?

I may be coming off as extreme, but I’m also trying to get my point across, and to me the situation of suicide and death still fall into the same category as a miscarriage and a stillborn.

These people who are getting all in a tizzy over “We should be able to play pregnancy jokes without you (insert any string of profanities) getting offended by it.” Need to back off. I don’t like kids… I have a really hard time getting excited when someone announces to me they are pregnant… But I also have seen the trauma of a mother who has lost their unborn baby… I know the mental hardships of not being able to bear children and people telling me that I will never get married because men only want women who can have children… Does it bother me? No… I don’t even want my own kids… But it still hurts… for a moment… When that thought hits your head of, “No one is going to love me because I can’t have kids…” But then I come back to reality, and I’m going, “Who cares! Because I don’t! If I can’t have kids that only benefits me! Someone will love me and care enough about me that if I really can’t have kids, he’ll be ok with adopting later down the road when I’m ready to settle down.”

I know Mr. Burk said that we are all a bunch of liberal feminists and we are the reason society is going down the tubes, but I am neither feminist nor liberal… All I’m saying is watch who your joke affects. If you’ve got people you know won’t mind it, great! Go for it… But if you know it has the potential to reach someone who has lost their child, be careful… And understand you may not be aware because they didn’t want to tell anyone…

Just to put this in here, in case it gets back around, I mean Mr. Burk no disrespect, I think he’s an awesome person, and he has the guts to say what a lot of people need to hear. Shoot, he’s even put me in my place when it comes to my work ethic… I have the greatest respect for him. But I do think there needs to be just the slightest consideration with some things… In the same manner that he very strongly informs people who are overweight, but has understanding for people who are overweight due to a medical condition… This is the same thing… There’s a difference between the people who are getting offended for no reason, and the people who are speaking up because they know the hurt… They know the pain, and there’s nothing they can do to help it other than mental healing.

If someone has a death in the family, you don’t poke fun at a similar situation… If someone commits suicide, you don’t make light of a similar situation… If someone becomes pregnant, you don’t pretend to be pregnant and then make it into a joke… There are things you joke about, and things you don’t.

And do I think people who are infertile have the right to get offended by such a joke? No. But again, there’s a difference between offended and hurt.

The difference between the hurt and the offended is that the hurt will eventually get over a miscarriage, it won’t hurt them later in life, the offended will take someone else’s miscarriage and run with it. The hurt will speak up calmly and let it go, while the offended will shout it from the rooftops and refuse to let it go. The hurt are less likely to even say anything, while the offended will make sure you know.

I’m not sticking up for the offended, I’m sticking up for the ones that know the pain… The ones that have been through the heart ache…

It’s not only the infertile women who are affected… Don’t be so narrow minded… And there’s no need to be so quacky over a sensitive topic to some people…

But that’s just me and my opinions…

Once again, feel free to comment, but please take heed to the words of our dear friend Thumper, “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

Have a good day y’all!



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