Memorial Day 2017


And Memorial Day is tomorrow….
I am sad because this year I am not able to do my chair massages for the vets at the Memorial Day BBQ at the Museum. But next year… I’ll be there…
Anyway, a lot has changed and after being around the Vets last year and seeing the impact of the remembrance of fallen soldiers… it moves you. If you have any emotion at all, it moves you…
Now, as I am exposed on a weekly basis to all my Veterans I continue to have a learned respect for these men and women who put their lives on the line, who lost their lives in doing so…
We thank the families who have sacrificed, who spend their Memorial Day remembering a spouse, sibling, grandparent or child.
Because some of us don’t have the discipline or the courage to stand up for our country voluntarily like that. Myself included. So someone else had to fill that place.
To be honest, actively I am not one to do anything special for Memorial Day. But unless I am around Veterans or active-duty it’s hard for me to get in touch with those emotions.
But I will say this. To the millions who have fallen for the sake of this country. We thank you. You will always be remembered. You will always be a part of something great. You did not sacrifice for no reason at all…

So for everyone out there, take a moment to remember:
It’s about the 626,000 Americans killed during the Civil War.
The 116,000 Killed in WWI
The 405,000 in WWII
The 36,000 in the Korean War
The 58,000 in the Vietnam War
The 2,300 killed in Afghanistan
The 4,500 in Iraq
And every other person who willing sacrificed for our freedom, for our country, for our safety…

Thank you…

God Bless…


Totally just took me 4 hours to realize I didn’t put the title up!


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