I’m getting ready for these two sets of classes which I am totally stoked about! Can’t wait to hit the road…

But in the meantime, I’ve been trying to find time to write on something that has been on my heart for the last three weeks now…


Yes, giving money to the God, through the church as we are instructed to do in the Bible… Now, due to my time crunch as I still have to get ready to leave and go shopping and finish packing, I am not going to provide all the scripture and whatnot, however if you are ambitious you will find the scripture in the Bible…

Anyway, tithing is important, it is even something that we are told that we were allowed to test God’s word in. That when we tithe we will receive even more in return.

I don’t actually know where, if at all it is found in the Bible… I could not find a “where” but I am told it is in there… That we are to give or tithes to our church “home” and that should be where our tithes go.

However, some of us are between churches and even though I am still “tithing” it has not been going to a church. It’s been sitting in a place until I found a church home.

The problem I was having was that I was feeling called to tithe at a church I do not call home. So after talking to some people and praying about it something finally dawned on me…

Do you still pay rent at an apartment? A hotel? A rental house? Yes… Even though it’s only temporary… So if we do not have a church home, but we are in between with a temporary church that we are going to every week, why not tithe?

So what I did was I wrote the Tithe Declaration/Prayer on the back of my envelope and all the tithe that I had set aside I gave to the church… I felt a little uneasy once I had done it, but then I knew I made the right decision.

After that, I started seeing God’s work come through again… I always love seeing the results in Tithing, it tickles me that when we don’t tithe we go through dry spells, but the moment we tithe things seem to flourish… After tithing, my clients gave me “bonuses” to help me pay for my classes, and I got new clients, heard from clients I haven’t heard from in MONTHS, was told I would be able to make payments on a class until I could afford to pay them in full, found out that 3 of my 4 classes I won’t have to pay for a hotel because I have friends who have family that are willing to let me stay with them, gas prices have dropped from $2.15 to $1.91 in the last two days right before I leave… I’ve only got one things I mentally struggling with financially and that is I’ve got something I want to do during my class this weekend, but it costs $300 and as much as I could learn from it and benefit from it, my brain says it’s crazy to pay $300 for 45 minutes of someone’s time… Even if it is one of the people who I most look up to in the world of bodywork… So by no means, is it a NEED…

Every time I tithe God never fails to amaze me…

And do I know for sure that my theory on tithing at a church that isn’t “home” is right? No, I don’t know… But I know the idea was put into my brain, I acted on that idea and I am seeing the reward… To be honest I don’t know if it’s backed biblically or not, but it makes sense and it worked for me. I know I am trying to be obedient to God’s word and I think for that God will Honor that…

God Bless,

Happy Tithing!



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