What I Learned From Being Thrown

What my horse has taught me both about life, and about running a business…

Most know, I had a difficult time with a BLM Mustang I adopted… I got thrown on the ground +10 times over a 2 year period which caused me to be absolutely terrified of her…

I knew for her sake I couldn’t give up on her… I knew she wasn’t trying to hurt me. She wasn’t doing it to be malicious but she wasn’t doing it because she was scared either…

I began making phone calls and having various trainers look at her… 3 of which told me if I didn’t stop I would get myself killed. Many more told me that I would never be able to ride her. And one guy in particular would drive by EVERY FLIPPING time I worked with her and would let me know that she was dangerous and I shouldn’t be handling her and that I would never have the ability to get her trained…

However, I kept going… Found a trainer who was supposed to work with her for me, except he made me work with her… Told me she was troubled and hurting physically and got her adjusted by a chiro.

Sent me home with homework and I rode her for a few weeks… Except I didn’t have the money to keep paying him to work with us, so after a while I lost confidence because I hadn’t ridden her in so long…

Then comes along Dr. Mike, who gave me these RIDICULOUS plans that made me wonder if he was trying to kill me… But when he saw my lack of confidence, he started working with me rather than with her. He held me accountable, gave me tasks that had to be completed in order to keep him working with us… After a time, my mustang and I were rocking it!

In the last 2 years of being able to work confidently with her, we’ve started maneuvering at all speeds, jumping, trail riding, trailering out to other barns, and I’m taking her to a clinic this spring! She’s turning out to be my most dependable little pony… I feel more confident riding her some days over my other mare who spooks at her own shadow…

I couldn’t give up on her. It took me 4 years in total from start to finding someone who could help me. I had 2 or 3 people who were intermittently encouraging me with her because evidentially I would come off and they would suggest I look into selling her… I was told I would end up dead, that I would never… for 4 years… I was deathly afraid of being on her… And it didn’t seem probable… But we did it. With the right group of people, we did it…

So what has this taught me about running a business?

It has taught me that determination is a key factor. It has helped me become more confident in myself when people are telling me that I can’t. That I don’t have the ability to run a business.

It has taught me that with the right group of people, I can do the impossible.

That learning, is essential. Because if you aren’t living, you aren’t living.

That sometimes, it’s scary. Sometimes, it looks like we’ve hit a dead end. Sometimes, we want to quit. But we can’t. We have to keep pressing forward. We have to be courageous, we have to be determined, we have to be persistent and sometimes, we have to travel off the beaten path.

It’s taught me that things take time… You can’t rush a good thing.

It’s taught me that HUGE things come from the small and unlikely…

It’s taught me no one but myself can motivate me to do something…

And most importantly, it’s taught me that whatever I set my mind to, it can be done.

Honestly, my advice to anyone looking to start a business is to do it. There’s a few people I would direct you to, Gary Vee is AMAZING for entrepreneurs, he gives you a swift kick on the behind and makes you feel like the laziest person in the world but dang it! He gets the point across! John Burk is another amazing one! Not for the faint of heart mind you… But he’s phenomenal when it comes to motivation…

I’m starting my business in a less than ideal way… I know this… But it’s kind of all I’ve been left with. And I’m doing everything I can though to make sure I’ve got a hustle… And I’m really excited because my goal this next week is to spend time at some crossfit gyms and see if I can start generating interest in what I do… But the magic cake mix is persistency, hustle and grinding…

Find your mojo and let it flow. If you have to work your hours around whatever job is bringing you money. It’s only for a time. Life’s too short to be wishing you had.

Happy hustling,




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