New Year!

2017… A full year went by and it took a drastic turn that I didn’t expect… 2017 was a year that beat me down in ways I didn’t expect, but it also was the year I exploded. The year I began getting my crap together.

I started the year with vehicle issues. Left me with only a few hundred dollars in my bank account. For the last few years I have been wanting to attend a workshop by Dr. Perry Nickelston who has been a mentor long before I met him.

I signed up for a course at the beginning of summer after Dr. Perry said he would be in Texas in the fall, thinking I would have time to save for his course when he announced his workshop the weekend before the other course I signed up for. So I took a chance. Saved my spot for the PMC Workshop and hoped and prayed I would have the funds to go.

And that was the beginning of a wonderful new turn.

I met my mentor, role model and inspiration and as you can tell, still a little star struck lol… In fact, I am not so ashamed to say, that the first time I met Dr. Perry he made such an impact that when I had to leave before he left because I had a 5 hour drive home, I had to fight back the tears, and I sat in my truck for a good 10 minutes or so and had to collect myself so I could drive without being all blurry eyed…

Prior to going to Dr. Perry’s workshop I signed up for an Amino Neuro Frequency Class in Florida, because I wanted to learn about it. Dr. Perry had talked about and done some videos on it, but I wasn’t convinced. I decided I trusted Dr. Perry with my career and signed up for a class he was teaching.

While I was at Dr. Perry’s PMC workshop he introduced me to Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy. I had an issue during class where my knee would start to shake, and then my other knee would shake, and the rest of my body would eventually follow. It’s something that happens all the time, especially after chiropractic adjustments or high levels of stress. When I asked Dr. Perry if he had any ideas, he told me my gut was inflamed and threw some discs on me. I started shaking while he was applying discs and then he put a disc on and it immediately stopped the shaking. Prior to Dr. Perry I had gone 3-4 days with minimal amounts of food because I wasn’t hungry. Felt overstuffed and miserable if I ate anything. Within 10 minutes I was starving… And suddenly all the food I packed wasn’t enough.

So, then began my ANF journey. I knew I had to sign up for the second ANF class.

It has opened up such a huge door for me, I talk to people all over the world, Ireland, England, Argentina, Germany, Australia and all over the US and Canada. It’s been crazy!

It’s been a frustrating battle and if I didn’t have the right mentors and friends and family backing me up I probably would have stopped.

But the plan for 2018 is to get my Personal Trainer Certification so that I can work with human movement too!

Because honestly, reducing pain by human movement is peeking my interest and combining it with massage and ANF is absolutely fascinating!

So here is a shout out to everyone who has been an inspiration on this crazy journey of life. Everyone who has helped me get to this point and continues to help me! To all my test dummies and guinea pigs and all who support me no matter how crazy I might sound!

To my mother, Dr. Mike, Dr. Perry, Karl, Liam, Martin, Mrs. Karen and Mr. Craig, Deneille, Amanda, and those who are coming on to the scene like Ryan, and all the other ANF peeps who keep me going!

And the handful of people I have yet to meet, but have been such an inspiration to me and have opened the door for me to find my own confidence, hustle and grit, Gary Vee, John Burk, Kerwin Rae.

2016 I was terrified. Starting school to become a massage therapist…

2017 I was expecting to just trudge through and continue working for other people.

Worked for other people, but started my own business and did so much more than just trudge. I began making something of myself.

2018… Bring it. Show me what you’ve got and lets go. We’re going to make it explode.

Thank you all… Thank you for your time and advice and help for those I talk to and interact with.

Thank you all for content you put out that helps me learn and continues to inspire me.

Happy New Year,

I wish you all the best!



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