I was in church this morning… First off, I woke up at 7 a.m. a half hour before my alarm was due to scream at me with a burning desire I needed to be at church. I spent the hour trying to convince myself that I didn’t need to go and still the desire burned, Jessica, you need to go to church. So I went and when I got there, I swear I was about to have a freaking panic attack something in me was just telling me to turn tail and run as fast as I could. But I didn’t and I had some questions answered and it was just wonderful! I felt a peace sort of come about me after talking with the Guest speaker at our church. So, if you ever wake up feeling like you NEED to go to church, go. Don’t ask questions, just go.

Anyway, the guest pastor, Pastor David, was talking on living in freedom and understanding that freedom doesn’t mean we get to live stupid. Well, while he was talking, I began elaborating in my head.

As we grow older we get more and more freedom. You eventually get to drive, own a car, drink alcohol, carry a handgun, stay out late, do what you want, when life and work doesn’t require you that is..

But with all that comes responsibility, you can drive, but you need to drive safely and respect the vehicles around you and the laws of the road. In order to own that vehicle, you must pay insurance and maintenance on the vehicle. It’s not a bad thing, some times a headache, but we do it because we enjoy the freedom that vehicle allows us to have.

You hit 21, hooray! You can legally drink, however, it also comes with the responsibility of not getting drunk because that can cause health issues and harm (possibly death) to you or others.

You hit 21 and you can carry a handgun! Your responsibility: keep it protected, away from others and children, don’t be careless because that could end very badly for yourself and/or others.

A house! Yes, you can move out, away from your parents, BUT that freedom gives you responsibility for house payments, electric payments, water payments, the whole nine yards. But, once more, it’s not a bad thing. It’s just life. It’s a part of that freedom you have achieved.

So don’t think that just because we got our “freedom” means that we can live carelessly, or act carelessly. It means that we are given an even higher level of responsibility and we should take care of that.

The greater the freedom, the greater the responsibility.

Anyway, I will leave y’all with this.

God Bless,