Cell Phones, Cell Phones, and More Cell Phones

Cell phones, cell phones, cell phones… oh, and did I mention cell phones?

You see them everywhere, in use, by everyone. I was sitting in a dentist office, there was not a single adult without a phone in hand. People walk around texting (which I might add creates very poor posture habits), driving while playing on facebook (which is just as bad as texting while driving), if they are sitting still they are on those crazy phones. Either surfing the internet, texting, working, taking care of business or playing those stupid little games. We need to find a way to entertain ourselves without having a phone. Or we need to learn to leave work at work and chill out a little bit and enjoy life.

Our society doesn’t know how to operate without phones and if you think about it, it really is pathetic. You are having a perfectly normal conversation with someone and you walk away to go to the bathroom or blow your nose, something that doesn’t take but a minute or so and you come back and their nose is glued to the pixels on that little screen. As I watch, family time is sitting around playing on the phones, and half the time most people can’t get through a meal without being on their phone at some point. A good number of people don’t know how to communicate face to face anymore because of these crazy phones. LEARN HAVE A REAL COVERSATION!

Back and forth communication, from one PERSON to another PERSON, a human body NOT Siri or some other automated robot thing. If we could learn to communicate families would be physically and mentally healthier and happier.

One of my favorite things is when the electricity goes out after dark for an extended period of time because my mom tries to conserve her phone battery so she doesn’t have it out unless she needs it. Then we fire up the lanterns and if it’s cold out we start a fire and we gather around and just relax and have fun. No phones, no computers, no tablets, or Ipads, or Television, no electronics.

I was having a conversation with one of my sisters because she asked me if my mom’s ex husband bought be a tablet when I was little. I had the pleasure of watching her mouth drop to the ground and her eyes pop out of her head when I told her when I was little we didn’t have tablets or Iphones. After I told her that she promptly goes “HOW DID YOU CALL PEOPLE?!?” I then explained to her that the cell phone we gave her to play with is what we used when I was little. It was a large phone with an antenna and she looked at me again and says, “How’d you play games and text?!” We continued talking till she finally understood. But we live in a world where even little bitty kids don’t know how to operate without an Iphone.

Anyway, now that I’m done with my rant for the day, please, find something to do other than sit on your cell phone, or tablet, or ipad or whatever you use. Spend time with your family. Help your daughter, or son, or wife, or husband cook dinner or help clean up the kitchen after they’ve made your food, it could mean a lot to them. Find some work outside that needs to be done. If you work with someone it’s a lot more fun and more interesting if you are working with someone with a sense of humor. You could be surprised at how much fun you can have and not be using your phone. I’m 18 and this is one of my biggest complaints about our society. We need to learn to lift our faces up and put the phones down.

Anyhow, I’m done. I do have a question though. Are we the only ones that ended up with a two hearted turkey? This is really disturbing me. We either ended up with a turkey from Gallifrey or there has to be a heartless turkey around here somewhere.

God Bless,